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      As an Art Educator and Oil Painter I appreciate living in the Washington for its never-ending beauty.  I am originally from the White Mountains of New Hampshire, so I find that the North Cascades are a bigger, snowier version of home.  My parents taught me to ski when I was 3 years old and often used ski school as my babysitter.  I joined the ski team in high school, ski club in college, and started backcountry skiing 6 years ago when I met my husband, Jonathan Baker.  Skiing and being in the mountains has always been a part of my life so it came naturally for me to begin painting these landscapes.  I also teach private art lessons and public lessons through Confluence Art Gallery and Methow Arts Alliance.  I joined the Winthrop Gallery Cooperative this year where more of my work can be viewed.  It is a joy to be involved in this community.  We recently built a house and started a business called eqpd,, designing and manufacturing products right here in the valley.  Life is good and busy doing what I’m passionate about. 


Thank you for your interest!  Enjoy the view and every turn along the way!   


~ Margaret Kingston

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